History of CMC

CMC Tasly Group is now the largest company in Europe engaged in TCM

Chinese Medicine in Europe

For 25 years, Shenzhou has cultivated and promoted traditional Chinese medicine in Europe, praised as the “apricot forest” (nickname of Chinese medicine), pioneering medical health care, TCM education and clinical practice, as well as being a leader in the sale of Chinese medicine and medical supplies.

Mr. Dong Zhilin, the founder of Shenzhou Chinese Medical Center has actively participated in all ranges of activities in the field of TCM including legislation pertaining to TCM and the registration of TCM products. Via a variety of channels, Mr. Dong Zhilin actively communicates and cooperates with the European Union governmental bodies, providing feedback from local Chinese medicine practitioners. After the enactment of the European Union “Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive”, he takes it as his personal responsibility to gather relative information and convey it, together with his personal advice, to herbal medicine enterprises in China.

Through the years Mr. Dong Zhilin has passed valuable information to enterprises, proposed educational and clinical advice to TCM universities and institutions in China. He continually promotes direct official dialogue between Chinese and European Union governments, so as to create a pleasant political atmosphere and environment from which TCM education, clinical practice and products sales will benefit. In addition, he supports the protection of the source of herbal medicine by means of artificial cultivation to save endangered plants and animals. He advocates the idea that to offer European patients a better clinical service from Chinese medicine, and to offer good quality and safe TCM products will provide Chinese medicine a solid foundation in Europe, resulting in a bright TCM future there.