History of CMC

CMC Tasly Group is now the largest company in Europe engaged in TCM

TCM Clinic

The patient care division consists of acupuncture, Tuina massage, TCM internal medicine, TCM gynecology and TCM dermatology departments and a herbal dispensary. Practitioners are specialists from Chinese TCM hospitals with rich clinical experience. Acupuncture treatment costs are reimbursed in whole or in part by insurance companies.

95% of the patients are Europeans, from prime minister, members of the parliament and international movie stars to average citizens, and 5% are overseas Chinese. More than 600,000 treatments have been treated in the clinic for difficult medical conditions that Western medicine has no satisfactory solutions, reducing the healthcare burden.

Herbal table

Patent products vitrine

Prof. Zhang Daqian demonstrating acupuncture techniques for students.

Mr. Dong and his first Dutch patient Mr. van de Berg.